What we do:

  • Repair both electric and petrol mowers including two-stroke
  • Sharpen blades & all other cutting surfaces (including scissors)
  • Full service for both petrol and electric mowers
  • Collection and return within the Nottingham and Derbyshire area
  • We also provide anti-corrosion treatment

What does a service comprise of?

  • Petrol engines are flushed until the engine oil is clear of debris and appears clean. Many people are unaware that these little engines do not have an oil filter like car engines do.
  • Filling with clean 4 stroke engine oil
  • Checking and adjusting the spark plug
  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter
  • Flushing the fuel system and cleaning the carburettor where needed
  • Finally we check and adjust the running of the engine and "field test" the operation of the mower
  • Rotary cutting blades are normally sharpened, balanced and painted
  • Cutting cylinders are sharpened on request or on recommendation
  • Rust treatment for under-side when needed


  • The charges are given in advance with the exception of consumable parts such as replacement spark plug or air filters
  • We aim at avoiding massive surprise charges. If a fault is found which has not been previously discussed we will call you to discuss the cost of repair
  • Service repairs are guaranteed for 3 months